[Histonet] Start up Vet/Animal histology laboratory

E. Wayne Johnson 朱稳森博士 ewj at pigs.ag
Sun Jul 10 23:20:55 CDT 2016

We have our own lab in Beijing and we do both of those things.

We have a consulting veterinary practice and the main purpose of the lab 
is to support that veterinary practice.  It would be unusual in the USA 
to have histopath in a vet lab but in China there was no diagnostic 
laboratory that did any histopathology at all.  We have some cooperation 
with a university and we get some research samples from them.

We had some difficulty procuring reagents at first.

Fixed samples from the field or from researchers are often in horrible 

It really is a disaster when samples from expensive and difficult to set 
up research are ruined by inept collection and poor fixation...

We are primarily interested in pigs but we get research samples from 
mice and chickens sometimes.

If there is a good liaison with the researchers it works well.

I have a team of people who know how to select and necropsy pigs for 
diagnosis and they can do a good job.  We made a video to show people in 
the field how to collect and manage diagnostic samples.

I knew that personnel was difficult.  If you hire and train young men, 
they will leave and go work for someone else after they think they know 
what they are doing.  If hire young women, they will get married and 
have babies and can cause many problems.  I am tired of hiring people 
with advanced degrees (MS, PhD).  They tend to be lazy and are rather 
hard to train.  Bright young folk who have the willingness to learn are 
a joy.  The surprising thing about a MS or PhD is what it ain't.

In the future I am considering hiring taxi cab drivers for everything. 
They are smart.  They are ambitious.  They know how to take directions. 
They are self-starters and independent workers.

On 07/10/2016 07:53 AM, Linda wrote:
>   Hello Histoland,
> I am inquiring if anyone has started their own lab to do histology services for veterinarians or animal research tissues?
> Or anyone who has started a private lab?
> What are your experiences?  What didn't you expect?
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> Linda Dee, BGS,HT(ASCP) Lmdee1 at yahoo.com

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