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Hi Linda,
I've set up three histology labs for animal research: one in an academic setting, one for a pharmaceutical firm, and one for a research foundation.  
1. Having money to buy the proper equipment is tricky, start with used equipment and make due until you can afford to buy new.  As long as you buy the equipment from somewhere that       either provides a warranty or the equipment is so inexpensive that you don't care if it breaks (as long as it gets you going).
2. Having the investors (or whom ever is supplying the majority of the funding) understand that often times histology labs that are providing a service to researchers do not make money.         In the early stages they are black pits you pour money into.
3. Building up a clientele requires a lot of advertising and offering low prices (undercutting the competition even if it means you suffer a loss).
4. Have a method of billing, invoicing, and collecting on those invoices can be a challenge.  Simple bookkeeping software like Quickbooks or FileMaker will help you considerably.  
5. Write your SOPs as soon as you can.  Having the methodology of every technique, stain and procedure you will be doing is invaluable.  When you get around to be able to hire staff           these will be a lifesaver.  Having established SOPs allow you to make sure your staff also follow the same procedure.  Reproducability and consistency is a must when establishing a         histology lab.  There is no shame in borrowing heavily from SOPs you have come across in the past.  Rely on colleagues to provide SOPs and pointers.
6.  Make sure that the place you select for the business allows for proper ventilation of all the reagents and chemicals.  You want to limit your exposure to the chemicals in the lab to the          maximum point possible.  Safety should be of the utmost importance in the new lab.
Those are just a few things I can think of.  Most important is to enjoy the ride-it's going to be hard and sometimes frustrating work-but building the business is part of the fun. Sincerely,
Paula SicurelloHistotechnology SpecialistUC San Diego Health

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  Hello Histoland,
I am inquiring if anyone has started their own lab to do histology services for veterinarians or animal research tissues?
Or anyone who has started a private lab?
What are your experiences?  What didn't you expect?  
Thank you in advance.
Linda Dee, BGS,HT(ASCP) Lmdee1 at yahoo.com

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