[Histonet] Special Stain

Diana Martinez-Longoria Diana.Martinez-Longoria at ecrmc.org
Thu Jul 7 07:49:29 CDT 2016

Good morning everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help us in regards to special stain contamination. We will  like to know if contamination can happen as a result of reagents touching the writing of a marking pen on a slide? For example we are manually running a slide that has the typical marking pen writing on the slide for identification and we are doing a silver stain, will it contaminate and not give an accurate result? I know this might be a weird question, but any information, resources, documentation you can direct me to would be very much appreciated. Please email me privately at dmlongoria at ecrmc.org<mailto:dmlongoria at ecrmc.org>.  Thank you!

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