[Histonet] Samples not staining with Hematoxylin or primary

Anna Huntley Coffey annamhuntley at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 12:36:03 CDT 2016

Hello Histonetters,

I'm having an issue with some recent samples and was wondering if anyone
else has experienced the same thing...I stained some samples with a
previously optimized protocol for anti-human Granzyme B on the Ventana
Benchmark and about 1/3 of my samples did not stain at all with either
GranzB or Hematoxylin. My controls and samples that did stain positive for
GranzB look fine and the machine has been recently serviced and working
well with other runs. I'd really appreciate your input if you have any
advice or suggestions on what could have gone wrong.


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