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I would second Terri's comments on the Sakura Glas coverslipper.  I do have to stress that yearly PM's are very important and that there is daily maintenance  that needs to be done in order for the instrument to function properly, we also only use 24x50's.


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I've had experience with several glass coverslippers over the years.  While I've not tried the newest/latest/greatest of other brands, I've been running the Sakura Glas coverslipper for 8 years without a hitch.  It has been very dependable, with little downtime, and extremely easy maintenance.  We have averaged less than 1 service call per year since purchase, outside of the annual pm.  At the time we purchased it, it had the shortest set up and routine maintenance of the 4 big players that we tried.  It is definitely a more sensitive system than the tape. All glass systems are less forgiving of technical error than tape, but the results are fabulous.  We coverslip using only 24 X 50, so avoid the hassles of changing sizes.  
I hope this will help.  Sincerely, Terri

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   3. Best Glass Coverslipper? (Cooper, Brian)
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From: "Cooper, Brian" <bcooper at chla.usc.edu> Hey Histonet!

What's the best automatic glass coverslipper out there?  I only have experience with the Sakura tape slipper, which is AWESOME, but alas, we can't get one here.  Space is definitely an issue; would love to hear your experiences!


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