[Histonet] H & E Troubleshooting

Cassie P. Davis CDavis at che-east.org
Tue Feb 23 12:11:51 CST 2016

Hi Histo folks,

         We are having a fun time troubleshooting our H&E because the problem in not consistent...

Yesterday we poured fresh xylene, Hematoxylin , Eosin & bumped our alcohol since our ordered had not arrived yet. One of our doctor said our hematoxylin & eosin was readable but too light(he got 6 out of the 36 cases), the other (who got the 30 cases)said it was good.

We had half the number of slides going through staining than we normally do.

We don't let the last alcohol before xylene get pink from eosin.

Had it been a Thursday-Friday I would be concerned the xylene needed to be changed.

The Define and Bluing were made fresh.

My theory is the tap water could be off or the xylene needs to be changed.

Another theory floating in the lab is because we bleach the stain buckets over the weekend maybe the bleach is saturating the bucket and slowly leaching out diluting the hematoxylin later in the day. (I would think this would be the case for all the slides not just the last few)

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