[Histonet] PAP staining quality

Beth Cox bethcoxx at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 17:06:53 CST 2016

Hi Charles,

A couple things to check on:

1.  The first concern I would have is your EA stain.  Poor EA staining 
will give too much orange staining and pale other counterstains (making 
them look aged).    What brand are you using? Have you changed brands? 
Is your EA close to the expiration date? Is the bulk stored with light 
exposure?  I think fixing your EA will fix all the other problems.

2.  The other question I have regards your alcohol.  Have you changed 
types/brands?  Pap staining is very delicate and the different alcohols 
used can make a big difference.


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Not sure if anyone out the would know the answer to this. We are having 
an issue with our PAP stained slides appearing too orange and look aged. 
If you have any idea for causes I appreciate any help

-- Charles Riley HT(ASCP)CM
Histopathology Coordinator/ Mohs
  Doctors Pathology Services, Dover DE

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