[Histonet] PPE/ Hair Regulations

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If it is actually getting caught in things or falling in waterbaths or
embedding centers and such, then it needs to be tied back. The same is true
of food service. You can't risk contamination. If it is under control
though, leave it alone. Don't try to use safety to enforce your personal
bias of hair style.


It's just a youtube song, not a virus you can click it
"Ain't cuttin' my hair 'till the good lord comes"


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> Hello All!
> Wondering what your lab requires for histology as far as lab coat length
> and hair policy? We have a bit of a controversy going on and was wanting to
> get some feedback from fellow histotechs! We are in a hospital and the
> histology department is located within the lab.
> Thanks,
> Histotechnologist

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