[Histonet] Storage of Unstained Slides

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I would not heat dry unstained as heat drying removes the paraffin and cells/tissue in no longer protected by the paraffin. Drying slides is a process to remove the sate trapped between the section and glass. Heat drying can speed that process and is also helpful in "baking" tissue to slide to assist in tissue adherence. Air dry until staining is requested, is my advice.

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to how unstained slides with patient
tissue should be stored?  Or could anyone recommend a product for
storage?   Also - is it preferable that these slides not be placed in the
dryer until they are intended to be stained?  If so, what is the problem
with baking them as soon as they're cut and dried at room temperature?

I apologize for all the questions but I do  appreciate the guidance.

T. Williams
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