[Histonet] RTU antibodies with 1+ year expiration date

Allan Wang allanvv at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 14:42:03 CST 2016

Hello list,

Thanks for your responses to my previous dehydration question. I pretty
much got conflicting responses about going straight to 100% alcohol, but I
think I will just start them out in 80% alcohol to be safe.

Something that's been bugging me: Every source states that diluted
antibodies shouldn't be kept for more than a few weeks. Yet Ventana
dispensers of pre-diluted antibodies have expiration dates of 1 - 1.5
years, plus they sit out at room temperature for 5 hours at a time whenever
they're used. Ventana provides user-fillable dispensers, but if we dilute
antibodies ourselves and can't use them for more than a few weeks, it would
be kind of pointless for low-volume needs.

Their specs say: "The antibody is diluted in 0.08 M PBS with 3% carrier
protein and 0.05% ProClin 300, a preservative."
Isn't this pretty much the same stuff that antibody diluent is composed of,
except with sodium azide instead of ProClin 300 (I think they're

I'm already planning on doing some long-term testing of my own over a year
with HER-2 and Ki67, but hopefully someone can provide some insight.

Allan Wang

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