[Histonet] automated special stains and control tissue

Curt c.tague at Pathologyarts.com
Mon Aug 15 11:49:50 CDT 2016

Re: automated special stainers, are you all running the patient tissue with a control on it, like IHC? we're wrestling with the idea of a control on each slide or a batch control... the pathologist wants a batch control, thinks the control may contaminate the patient tissue (PASF for example). My argument is that this process is different in that each slide is stained independently and should be treated as a separate stain, not like the old days running a bunch of slides in a Coplin jar... if there's a mechanical error and some reagent is dropped on a slide but the error didn't  occur on the control slide then the control would still stain properly but the patient tissue would be negative... we will never know if there isn't a control. I  think they should be treated like IHC...

Anyone else have this issue?


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