[Histonet] Labeling formats

Frazier, John john.frazier at roche.com
Fri Oct 2 12:33:11 CDT 2015

This is a format that I would recommend. To expand on that, using an
"alpha" character for the part  and " numeric for the cassettes makes
better sense because there are few cases that have more than 26 parts
(causing AA, AB, AC labeling rare), but there are many parts that have more
than 26 cassettes, common. With the cassettes you can number the cassettes
S15-1234-Z54 part Z(26) and the 54th cassette in the Z part. This format
avoids double alpha characters up to the 27th part in the case.
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On Oct 2, 2015, at 10:09 AM, Stephen G. Ruby <Sruby at 4path.com> wrote:

I am curious on what formats that labs use for labeling.
We use prefix-year-accession number-part(alpha)-block number(numeric)
Example.  S15-12345-A1

If you use a different format can you share it here?
Dr Ruby

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