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Jennifer Clark jennc976 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 09:47:38 CDT 2015

I have a situation that has occurred and am unsure how to proceed.  One MA called to get results for a young patient.  We had no record of a specimen for this patient at all.  The doctor was sure it was performed.  With some research, we discovered that another patient, middle aged,(who was in the same room with the same MA after the young patient) had two tissue pieces in his specimen bottle. This was not mentioned in the original path report, and the tissue was sent for a second opinion to confirm a malignancy.  Upon re-reviewing the slide, the two specimens in the middle aged patient's block look different, one malignant, one benign.  Also one showed "young skin" and the other sun damaged, more mature skin, according to the dermatologist. 
They are now wanting these tissues split up and a path report issued on the young patient who's specimen is missing based on these findings, with his being the benign tissue. I feel, while suspicious, I should not do this with out DNA testing to confirm.  That being said, to my knowledge no other specimens are missing from that day.   Please Help!  

Jennifer Clark, HT 

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