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Sheila Miller smmiller at comhs.org
Mon Jun 29 11:32:50 CDT 2015

Curious to know if any Softpath users are using Leica Cerebro?

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Pam, we considered Cerebro a couple years ago but it was not really ready for prime time yet. It did not have the capability to link with our Cerner Copath Plus at that time.

However, we did go see it live in some stand-alone labs and it looked very nice and well thought out

The two major issue we ran up against, with Cerebro and Ventana Vantage, is that 1) Copath requires installation of their Advanced Barcoding and Tracking system (AB&T)  in order to communicate with ANY third party system, which means you would have two full-featured barcoding systems installed. That does not make financial sense. We originally considered other systems besides AB&T because at the time we evaluated it several years ago it was very rudimentary and not nearly as full featured as Cerebro or Vantage. But before we made a final decision AB&T had been brought up to pretty much the same level in functionality.
Secondly, Copath AB&T, when used as middleware for another system, will not allow bi-directional communication, except for status updates (ie, when a block is scanned and it's staus changes from Embedded to Cut, the third party system can send that message to Copath for registration). What is NOT allowed is to enter blocks, stains, etc into the third party system and have that information written back to the Copath database. Therefore, any additions must be made in Copath. That limits a third party system to tracking only.

Because of those two major constraints we installed AB&T alone. It works very well and we are happy with it. The only downside is that Copath has very poor statistical reporting capabilities so you have to either download report data to Excel or some other program and do analysis there, or install a third party system to build reports off the Copath database.

Tim Morken
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Supervisor, Electron Microscopy/Neuromuscular Special Studies Department of Pathology UC San Francisco Medical Center

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Anyone using this?   We use cerner copath.  Thoughts?


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