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We also are having the same problem with the Ventana H.Pylori antibody on our Ultras, I have tried the CellMarque product in the past and as mentioned still not ideal. Will try the Biocare product and see if the results improve for us also. 

Marcia M White
Pathology Manager
Memorial Regional Hospital
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Hi Julia-  I have had a lot of experience trying to get a clean H. pylori.  I don't recall using the Ventana H. pylori but I was using the CellMarque H. pylori for years.  It would often have a lot of background as you describe.  I run Ventana Benchmarks (XT and Ultra) and a Leica Bond.  The slides I would run on the Benchmarks were usually cleaner than those run on the Bond but still not as clean as I would like. I finally switched over to BioCare's H. pylori after many complaints from my pathologists.  It has been much cleaner on all of my IHC instruments.  Actually, the ones I run on the Ultra are the cleanest I have ever seen.  The slides run on the Bond may still have a little background but it is still much cleaner than the ones I used to run with the CellMarque antibody.  One of my pathologists who used to complain about the excessive background now calls it his "go to" stain and is very happy with how crisp it is. The organisms stand out very nicely.  BioCare will send you a free sample if you want to try it.
Jeff Robinson, Senior Histotechnologist, Sierra Pathology Lab, Clovis, CA.

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Good day Histonet,

I have seen in the past conversations regarding Ventana's H.Pylori antibody and how dirty looking the stain can be.  We have been using this antibody for several years now and have never really been happy with the quality.  We have tried the recommended methods to "clean up" the stain and still we run into repeating the stain and/or complaints from the pathologists.  We are considering using a different vendor but my concern is that my efforts will be a lateral move.  Is anyone using a product that produces a clean stain or is this something inherent to this antibody?  Are the pathologists happy with it and not just tolerating it?

Thank you for your suggestions,

Julia Cates, HT(ASCP)cm
Pathology Coordinator, Pathology
Florida Hospital Waterman
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