[Histonet] understanding reagents in decalcifier; making it in-house

M.O. modz9636 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 15:24:09 CDT 2015

Hello Histonet,

The supplier for our decalcifier, TBD-2 from Shandon, is having issues with
getting the product out and we will not be receiving it for at least
another month.  Our samples are piling up and I don't know what I should
do, but maybe I can make the decalcifier in-house.  I am wondering if I can
make my own based on the reagents they listed and their percentages and if
certain reagents are not actually necessary.

The samples we typically decalcify are mouse knees (decal time = 2 days),
mouse spines (3 days), human bone slabs about 7mm in thickness (7-12
days).  Fixation is in zinc buffered formalin, then decalcification, then
70% EtOH.  Our choice to use TBD-2 is due to the gentle decalcification for
IHC and we get GREAT results.

Composition of Shandon TBD-2 Decalcifier:
Component                Weight %
     Water                      77-80
 Formic acid                 21-23
    Fluorad                       >1
 Sodium citrate               >1
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone      >1

If you have any input on what reagents I should use and the percentages for
making a decalcifier myself, it would be much appreciated!

Thank you for you help,

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