[Histonet] Manual photography and Picky Pathologistsl

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Tue Jul 14 16:24:37 CDT 2015

Picky pathologists only want the best.  They are a necessary evil.
The problem is defining objective problems as opposed the perceived colors.  To simplify the discussion, assume for the moment your pathologist has been evaluated and is NOT colorblind.

To take the emotions and subjectivity out of defining what is acceptable color, one method we have used over the years involves manual photography and printing.
Print the images full-page size.

Have the pathologist photograph one acceptable section with the camera set to manual exposure and print that image.  Next, WITHOUT changing lenses or camera settings, photograph and print the offending sections on the offending slide.  The camera must be set to manual.
Have the pathologist write down all camera and microscope settings. And repeat the following day.
Using the scope and camera as a spectrophotometer tool for sorting out staining issues from perceptual issues.
The end result of our evaluation was that we found Treosin by Statlab to be readily photographable.
Steve A. McClain, MD
Histopathologic staining of low temperature cutaneous burns: comparing biomarkers of epithelial and vascular injury reveals utility of HMGB1 and hematoxylin phloxine saffron.
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