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Jennifer Garrigan JGarrigan at buffalobiolabs.com
Tue Jul 14 09:13:40 CDT 2015

Hi All,

We have a Brady LabXpert that does not work and we have replaced it with the BMP 51. The label cartridges are no longer compatible and we have a lot of them in varying conditions. We have one brand new in box, we have several that are opened from the box but still are complete rolls and have the yellow tape over them and some partially used. Is anyone interested in purchasing these? Feel free to make an offer. We would prefer to mail them out as a large batch via fedex, with the recipient paying.
Brand new in box
X-127-482 Qty 1

New but opened/ out of box (still have yellow tape across the opening)
XC-1000-595-GM-WT Qty 4
X-127-482 Qty 4
X-97-488 Qty 2
XC-500-492 Qty 1
X-83-492 Qty 1
X-120-499 Qty 1

Partially used/open would sell at a very large discount or discard
X-120-499 Qty 2 (I would say close to 1 full)
X-83-492 Qty 1 (I would say half or less)
XC-1000-595-GN-WT Qty 2 (Just about full)
XC-500-595-WT-BK Qty 1 (less than half)
X-103-498 (almost full)
X-131-498 Qty 2 (about 1 full together)
XC-500-492 Qty 3 (about one and a half full)

Thank you very much!

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