[Histonet] Looking for a Histotech positions in Massachusetts

Igor Deyneko igor.deyneko <@t> gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 16:27:49 CST 2015

Dear Histonetters,

A professional histotechnologist with nearly 7 years of experience at a
small pharmaceutical company is looking for a new position in Mass. I have
started a lab from scratch and purchased equipment and trained coworkers on
small animal necropsies and organ harvesting. I performed subsequent tissue
fixation and tissue processing and  paraffin/OCT embedding, I have
experience suing a rotary microtome and a cryostat.
I have developed biomarker testing panels using IHC, IF and in situ
techniques both manually and on DAKO and Ventana autostainers. In addition,
I have developed beta gal staining method for frozen tissues and performed
specialty staining as well.
I have implemented image analysis capabilities in our lab, Aperio and
HistoQuest modules and performed image analysis with their respective
If you happen to hire or know someone who is hiring, I would appreciate any
Thank you very much.
Igor Deyneko

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