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Not sure you are going to find that much "published" on HA-tag antibodies.  That 9 amino acid sequence used by most to tag; people are looking to identify the fusion partner of the tag and worry little about publishing on the tag itself.  Same with the famous 8 amino acid sequence FLAG-tag.  I agree with Anatoli Gleiberman with what he recommended.  Also look at Cell Signalling; they have non-mouse antibodies to HA-tag for paraffin and have some pictures.  But few people are concerned with publishing on a tag itself but with the partner in the fusion that they are after.  Used HA and FLAG tags in paraffin often but that wasn't any publishable finding.  Beware if your mouse has influenza in being sure what you are seeing. 
Ray Koelling 
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I am looking for an HA-tag antibody to detect a protein labeled with HA in 
formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues. Could anyone suggest a published 
antibody? The tissue of interest is mouse so I would prefer an antibody 
made in another species. 
I have found several antibodies but can't find them published. 
Thank you, 
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