[Histonet] Help for identifying the blue stained structure

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Thank you so much. 
I was wondering why the image has not been seen on the site, and thought its been processed. 

Thank you for uploading the image. 


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    Hi Rui,


    You uploaded a tif image and a number of browsers don't support tif
    images. Jpeg, gif and png images are the best image formats to use
    because they are universally supported. I converted your image to a
    jpeg image and posted it at:




    Best Regards,


    Marvin Hanna



    On 05/17/2014 06:39 PM, Rui TAHARA

I have an embryonic sample that
decalcified, paraffin embedded, and stained with Mallory Trichrome (Aniline
Blue, Orange G, Acid Fuchsin). I will upload the image in the Histonet Images. This
is a cranial region where the bone is being resorbed, so I expected to see the
bone (dark blue in trabecular), and red blood, and adjacent white spaces that
is being resorbed. Instead, there is a very uniform, granular structure stained
with blue without any nuclei at the resorbed regions. This structure looks like
almost crystal or some kind of secretion leakage from the ossifying bone. I
need a help to identify this blue stained things. I don’t think this is osteoid,
because at later stage embryos, there is no bone at this region. 

If you have some suggestions for other
stain to identify this blue thing, or help identifying this, I really
appreciate it. 


Thank you in advance, 





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