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Hello Histonetters!!,
How are you?  It's that time of year again so I thought I would drop you a
What time of year?  You are probably wondering.
Well for the past 12 years that I have been recruiting in Pathology and
Histology the beginning of the Summer is when the people you would least
likely expect to be open to new opportunities are ready to make a change.  
Why Now?
Milestone Moments for their families: i.e. graduations, weddings,
grandchildren being born in other states etc.
Milestone Moments at work: Favorite mentors retiring/moving on, changes due
to budget cuts and reorganizations
Summer Vacations: to places they have always wanted to live.
It's true, not everyone makes a job change because they are unhappy.  Some
of the top professionals in Pathology and Histology make changes or start
thinking about making changes during the summer. some of the most common
reasons I have heard are listed above.  They don't respond to
advertisements, THEY CALL ME!!  
I have experienced this trend for the past 12 years.
Over the next 4-8 weeks some of the best histology and pathology
professionals  technicians and managers across the United States could be
open to new opportunities.
Don't Miss Out!
If you have an immediate opening let's talk ASAP.  You can reach me toll
free at 866-607-3542 or on my cell at 407-353-5070 or via email at
relia1 <@t> earthlink.net  
If you anticipate a need in the near future, let's talk.  Most of these
candidates are pretty flexible with their lead time and can adjust start
dates to accommodate you.  
If you have something coming up a little later on, please shoot me an email
and let me know because some of them even have a little longer lead time
which may work for you.
Have a Great Day!!!
President - RELIA Solutions 
relia1 <@t> earthlink.net


Right Place, Right Time, Right Move with RELIA!

Thank You!
 Pam M. Barker
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