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Hello Histonetters

If you are keeping up with my Award Spotlight posts you'll know that the last award I focused on was the Ann Preece Scholarship.  I just got off the phone with Ken Urban and we had a great chat, apparently prior to Polysciences sponsoring this award through the NSH, Ann Preece herself used to sponsor this award.  Ken remembers receiving this award in the mid to late 1960's.  He submitted a picture of a Movats Pentachrome performed on an undecalcifed bone sample.  The award at that time consisted of a certificate, a copy of Ann's book;  A Manual for Histologic Technicians and a $100.00.  I just searched and what do you know -- this book is still available on line,  just check out this link - http://www.amazon.com/Manual-Histologic-Technicians-Ann-Preece/dp/0316717657  that's just amazing.

Well the reason for this post is that I wanted to update everyone with what I found out and that I would like to get some more info on this award just to fill in the blanks, so if there is anyone out there that can remember anyone else who received this award, or the dates it was given, etc.  it would be great if you could e-mail me.  Any information or stories about Ann would be appreciated.  It's nice to know where these awards came from.

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