[Histonet] Pathologist ordering special stains/IHC's

Dennis Hahn Dennis.Hahn <@t> cookchildrens.org
Tue May 6 12:18:08 CDT 2014

Currently, our histology lab is located on the opposite side of the laboratory from the pathologists. They each have an excel sheet, with scanned physician signature, on their desktop for use when they order special stains, IHC's, referral testing such as cytogenetics or EM.
They fill out the case number, block, stains or testing required and print the request to the Histology printer. This form is used for cutting at the microtomes and completed and initialed by the tech completing the stains and entering the charges into MT. It is then given to the pathologist to sign as an acceptable or unacceptable stain (for our Histo QA records). Then, I review the sheet, give any feedback to the performing techs if needed, and document when the final stain was acceptable to the pathologists.

The issues we are having are:

1)      The pathologists may or may not print the sheet to the correct printer, since they use multiple printers throughout the day.

2)      Did the pathologist actually print the order?

3)      Orders may be mixed up with other items printed in Histology.

4)      There is no way to track who ordered what if a sheet is missing. Did the order get put in and printed? Did it go to the wrong printer? Did histo staff misplace it?

5)      There is an abundance of paper printed and shuffled back and forth daily that must be reviewed and followed up on.

How are other labs accomplishing pathologists ordering these tests, tracking pending requests and QA documentation? We currently have Meditech and although we have looked extensively at it in the past, we have not found a Meditech solution for this to date. Are you using other applications such as Excel, Access, etc., or other tracking programs separately?

We currently do not have any barcoding in our laboratory.

Thanks for any help in advance,

Dennis Hahn, HT (ASCP)
Histology Lab Supervisor
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