[Histonet] Peggy Wenk

David Kemler histotalk <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 07:08:12 CDT 2014

 Peggy's last interview
 on HistoTalk www.histotalk.com was taped last
 year at the NSH. During her interview, I stopped taping
 several times, because the tears and my choking up were too
 much for me. Each time I stopped, Peggy smiled at me and
 said 'It's Ok, Dave, it's OK".
 a shame HistoTalk never got the recognition it truly
 deserved. Interviews like Peggy's have meaning for
  everyone in the profession. Over the years, HistoTalk
 has had a
 small group of champions - Peggy was one of them! God bless.
 To "Mr. Peggy Wenk", May the Universal Power be
 within you and your loved ones, now and

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