[Histonet] Coverslipper

Michael Backhus mikeykkk_3 <@t> live.com
Sat Jul 26 14:56:27 CDT 2014

The Sakura coverslipper is amazing for any lab or a high volume lab. It coverslips one rack of slides in about 15 seconds. If the coverslip needs to be removed it is very easy. 
The Leica Biovision coverslipper takes about 5 minutes to coverslip one rack and 5 minutes for the rack to dry. The mounting medium is extremely strong. It can dispense too much on the slide.  It's nearly impossible to take the coverslip off. The slides break a lot and it jams often.
However I know the Sakura works with Xylene and the Leica Biovision works with Xylene substitute. I'm not sure if they are compatible with either or. 

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