[Histonet] RE: competency form

Sue suetp918 <@t> comcast.net
Wed Apr 9 15:37:55 CDT 2014

So I went to one of the CAP webinars regarding competency  And when I asked what about 

histology there were complete silence on the other end of the line and than they said there was 

nothing for histology.  

At our site they want something for very division so I put together a basic form and use it 

for the multitude of major tasks in histology.  We are not getting inspeted until next year but 

from what I hear CAP is planning on making major changes for the pathology protion of 

CAP's checklist, what that means I do not know.  

Since CAP canot give us concrete rules for histology I think that anything a lab does is 

better than nothing, and shows initiative on their part to meet CAP's requirements. 

Since this is a peer review the inspector can suggest alternatives but 

cannot say you are in violation because the do not "like" your form. 

Just my thoughts 

S. Paturzo 


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