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I absolutely agree with "well said" and I know I'm going to just hate myself in the morning for doing this but I can't stop. I hope everyone (I've mentioned the book to our school board and every kid I mentor in biotechnology and tutor in math) will get "The Dumbest Generation:How the digital age stupifies young Americans and jeapordizes our future" by Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory University. And although directed at the 20's crowd and under, it sure seems that same mentality is seeping over to the "oldsters". The lady who plowed into me last week walking down the hallway totally oblivious and completely immersed in her texting, had to be at least 45 years old. It used to be you had to be rude and uncivil to someones face-to face or behind their back to an individual. Now you can say anything you want, anytime at all, without thinking a bit, to the whole world and often times with anonymity. 

I agree with the assessment that Rene has good things to offer. 95% of the time and I file those things away. But there are many good people on the HistoNet, they need not be mentioned for people know who they are out there, but even so, not sure any of them have been or should be officially or unofficially elevated to "a most respected voice on the Net". 

As far as histologists (started in 1967 although moved more molecular in the 90's in graduate school) and the respect or disrespect discussions, some of the postings in last couple weeks give credibility to why there might be more disrespect than respect. Is at least some of this stuff that has come through, on a "professional" forum, much better and more higher level thinking than high schoolers tossing notes back and forth when the teachers back is turned or pulling someone aside to spread the gossip "do you know what someone told a friend, who told a friend who told me that........." 

I know I shouldn't but have to hit send and for all the negative e-mail I'll get, I'll read it, won't respond to it but I hope it at least evokes a thought or 2 about civility and humanity that e-mails seem to be taking away. 

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Ray in Seattle 

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Thank you and well said!! 

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Hello Annieinarabia, 

You are quite the advocate for Sir Rene J. of the most respected voices on this forum. 

Truly if you want to be respected, give respect and do not degrade other as he does from time to time (in my opinion). Give substance in your responses and not comment using some pompous response to a valid question. Like I said to someone off line, its not that he doesn't have knowledge (so I here, don't know him personally) to answer with useful creditable answers just at time he doesn't. I am sure everyone appreciates his sharing of knowledge, just be constructive in your responses. 

I don't comment on a subject unless I have useful information to share, never to belittle the person asking who is in search of a solution to a problem. Take that approach and less people will be annoyed with the responses. 

FYI, there is only one dimwit attached to this response unless your suggesting everyone on Histonet are dimwits. Also, not sure why you are attacking the "youngsters" on this forum, this forum is for the young, old and middle-aged. 

Have a fantastic Friday!!!! 

TiminTexas not Tim M. (Don't want anyone mad at him on accident) 

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My goodness ignorance abounds...Rene J is one of the most respected voices on this forum. 
And 'she' is actually a 'he' you dimwits. 
I would take his advice above almost anyone on this forum. 
You youngsters should try to emulate rather than denigrate. 
Rene you rock!!! 


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