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I agree we have huge gray areas and not all histology schools are as good as they could be for what we are facing in Histology.  I keep harping on the fact that until we are recognized as Laboratory Professionals we will stay in this limbo.  The rules determining complex testing should be revisited to what is done in Histology Laboratories today and not what we did 30 or more years ago.  The Clinical Laboratory is now so automated it is hard to find anyone in most areas who can even remember doing any manual testing.  The Micro lab is the closest to being as manual as areas of Histology.

I am in a small market and finding a registered Histologist is harder for us.  I would love to have 8 to choose from and interview.

Pam Marcum

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 Well I am  mostly clinical...but I think that organizations can set standards outside and beyond what CAP,CLIA etc stipulate. For the position I have now, I had to submit all my transcripts from high school up through masters in addition to  proof of my ASCP certification, IHC qualification, continuing education, and professional association activity. There is a lot of gray area out there. They seem to have not had trouble getting applicants though ( and I know this varies by market), there were over 8 candidates for an HT opening, which I thought was a pretty good turn out.

Joelle Weaver MAOM, HTL (ASCP) QIHC

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> Research is a different area and not controlled by CAP, CLIA and other hospital licensing or accreditation organizations. We are bound by the rules of these organizations and while I agree with you to a point. We do need minimums for training and registration by recognized licensing bodies when patient tissue is being processed for histological examination. I am sure no one thinks of this often however; there are medical legal issues with insurance we have that do not apply for research. It is also clear that registration does not mean we don't have registered people who are not as good as they should be for excellent patient care.
> I have worked in research and while I would not ever say the hiring of non-registered people is a problem for research. It is often a specialty area that requires knowing more than routine Histology. I have done plastics in research that could not ever be used in routine Histology due to the time factors and in some cases limited use with staining applications, especially IHC for some procedures. Many other areas in research require more specialized training than would be used in a routine area. I would also add some really great techs are in many phases of research. I know MT who work in Histology and are not registered as the MT BS, overrides the HT requirement for many institutions.
> Many factors must be considered for both research and routine Histology that cover far more than just hiring registered people in certain areas of the laboratory.
> Pam Marcum
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> Do employers consider lab techs to be proficient enough? I've been doing ISH and immuno for 13 years, but I'm not certified as I do research. Maybe there aren't a lot of lab techs out there? Just wondering since you might be missing someone awesome by hiring only certified people.
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> > All I have is a "histology assistant" description I put together. It
> > is mostly clerical, instrument up keep and other duties. My employer
> > does not hire uncertified techs- due to CLIA license, grossing, FISH &
> > molecular duties ( high complexity). I hope to be a clinical site
> > eventually, and then they will have to complete their certification
> > within one year -if they are hired on.
> > If you think that will help, I can send it on.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Joelle Weaver MAOM, HTL (ASCP) QIHC
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> > > Hi all,
> > >
> > > I'm wondering if anyone can share a job description for an
> > > unregistered
> > HT
> > > position. I also need to know if unregistered HT's are allowed to
> > > cut frozen sections. I know there is a limit to what they can do,
> > > especially where IHC and special staining are concerned, but I
> > > really don't know
> > about
> > > frozens, since it's a lot like regular microtomy, except for the H&E
> > > staining of the slide. I also understand that facilities might have
> > > different descriptions, but what I'm really looking for is what CAP
> > allows
> > > them to do.
> > >
> > > Thanks for your help,
> > >
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