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Please if there is an exact list of duties let us all know.  


We have had trainees and we basically taught embedding, processing and staining, in other words basic Histology.  This included special stains as the persons involved would be taking their registries after one year of training.  We do not gross in Histology so that was not an issue.  We did not allow cutting biopsies or in the end embedding them.  We trained them on the care and feeding of the instrumentation and what it was used for in Histology.  Transplant biopsies and other more complicated types of tissue were still handled by someone with an HT or HTL only.  


They were listed during this time as Lab Aids and that was all.  We are no longer training people as it has it ups and downs that can affect the whole lab structure over time. 


Pam Marcum 


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Hi all, 

I'm wondering if anyone can share a job description for an unregistered HT 
position. I also need to know if unregistered HT's are allowed to cut 
frozen sections.  I know there is a limit to what they can do, especially 
where IHC and special staining are concerned, but I really don't know about 
frozens, since it's a lot like regular microtomy, except for the H&E 
staining of the slide. I also understand that facilities might have 
different descriptions, but what I'm really looking for is what CAP allows 
them to do. 

Thanks for your help, 

Deloris Carter, HT(ASCP) 
Shawnee, KS 
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