[Histonet] Unsubscribe, Chapter 195

nmhisto <@t> comcast.net nmhisto <@t> comcast.net
Thu Sep 5 20:56:37 CDT 2013

It is a concern that members of our  technically-oriented career field  have a difficult time understanding the method for unsubscribing to Histonet.  There is an  almost- daily posting to "unsubscribe", despite the fact that this subject has been addressed literally hundreds of times.  When one "joins" Histonet, instructions are provided, should be printed out for reference and used if the subscriber decides to leave the group.  We are required to be knowledgeable on all manner of technical routines requiring detailed instructions and  Histonet is no less clear in the methods for joining and "un-joining".  Use them, please.  Fire away - I'm retired and I can take the flak!  I do miss my microtome, though... 

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