[Histonet] Rolling of my ribbon ? Another paraffin question.

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Just a thought - have you tried changing the angle of the blade?

Each different type of blade from different vendors need a different angle 
for microtoming.

Each different type of microtome from different vendors need a different 
angle for microtoming.

I know these two facts, as I have tried different vendors' blades, and have 
had to change the angle on the microtome to get a good ribbon. The School 
also has different vendors' microtomes in the School, all using the same 
blades, and they had to be set at different angles. Plus, I have talked with 
vendors of various microtomes and various blades, and those who really know 
microtomy, especially those were were/are histotechs, will tell you that the 
blade angles need to be changed depending upon which blade is being used at 
which microtome. And also, from year to year, with different students 
sitting at the "same" microtome, we've also had to change the angles, 
depending on how the student cuts.

We haven't changed brands of paraffin in the long time, but I'm wondering if 
we would need to change the angle of blade if we got a different paraffin.

The easiest way to check is to move the knife angle all the way to one end 
(for example, on the vendor's microtome that we have the most of in the 
School, that would be to # 10.) Try microtoming. If that doesn't help, move 
it  one degree (what would be #9 if there were a number). Try microtoming 
again. Keep doing this (changing angles and microtoming) until you get the 
best ribbon. (We found it easier to start at one end and move "down", rather 
to start in the middle (say, #5), and then not know if we need to go up (#6) 
or go down (#4)).

Let us know if knife angle is a factor with this new paraffin. I'd really 
like to know.

Vendors - anyone know/have information that blade angle makes a difference 
with type of paraffin, for getting good ribbons?

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS

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*I am presently using a paraffin designated as an IM product.*
*We are a facility that cuts only autopsies and have been experiencing alot
of rolling of our sections.*
*We did recently switch to this product, because of cost.*

*Question :  Is the paraffin you are using working well on autopsy tissue
and producing ribbons right away ? Do you use it for infiltration as well
as embedding ?*

*Thank you for your assistant.*

*Stella Walters*
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