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I have not heard of that either, that would mean that you could not even store one 5 gallon cube of formalin.  I would politely ask them for a copy of the regulation that states that there can only be 2 gallons of formalin stored in your gross room.   They may be classifying the formalin as a flammable, which I think may be happening in the future once the US adopts "Global Standards" but I don't believe we are there right now.  We keep at most 10 gallons of formalin in the lab.  One 5 gallon cube that is opened and then a second cube that has not been opened.  NSH had a really nice teleconference recently on Training for Revised Hazard Communication Standard by Ada Feldman.  That teleconference was from March 27, 2013.   I'm not certain but I believe that if the US adopts these so called "global standards" that formalin would be classified as a flammable as well as quite of few of the other chemicals we use in the histology laboratory.  Maybe there is someone out on the Histonet that knows a bit more than me that can comment on this.


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Hello to all in histoland.  Happy Friday.  Last week we were inspected by a new group of surveyors that are like JCAHO called DNV.  They said that we had to much formalin stored in our gross room.  We had 15 gallons.  They told us that we could only have 2 gallons there at a time.  I have never heard of such.  We were just inspected by CAP and I might add that it was an  intense inspection.  They checked everything. This never came up.  What is the recommended amount of formalin that can be stored in an area.  Does it need to be in a flammable cabinet?  The cabinet that we have the formalin in is so old that we are  having a vendor to come out to check to see if it suitable for chemical storage.

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