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Formalin is THEORETICALLY (and very UNLIKELY) "flammable, but putting it into a flammables cabinet is going too far.
Try to find out those conflicting standards (JCAHO vs. CAP) and follow the strictest.
Also please remember that many inspectors just "love to show off!" Some think that have to "cite for something" because otherwise they are not doing a good job, or do not know enough. 
René J.

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Hello to all in histoland.  Happy Friday.  Last week we were inspected by a new group of surveyors that are like JCAHO called DNV.  They said that we had to much formalin stored in our gross room.  We had 15 gallons.  They told us that we could only have 2 gallons there at a time.  I have never heard of such.  We were just inspected by CAP and I might add that it was an  intense inspection.  They checked everything. This never came up.  What is the recommended amount of formalin that can be stored in an area.  Does it need to be in a flammable cabinet?  The cabinet that we have the formalin in is so old that we are  having a vendor to come out to check to see if it suitable for chemical storage.

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