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> Our S100 is not working very well.  I think it's too old.  Can someone
recommend an S100
> antibody that works well in dog?  It would be really nice to find a good
monoclonal instead
> of the polyclonals.
> We are looking for schwannomas,  astrogliomas, malignant melanomas and
> metastases.

How are you processing your tissue? S100 is very soluble and can wash out
of unfixed frozen sections. I only achieve stating, using the DAKO
anti-S100 polyclonal, if I thoroughly fix my brains first in PFA.

The DAKO anti-S100 is a diagnostic antibody so it should give no problems
unless, as you suspect, it is very old. But then it has to be VERY old as I
am using antibody aliquots which have been stored at -20 oC that are now 6
years old and regularly retrieve antibodies from -80 that have been there
for more than 20 years. If the antibody has been stored at 4 oC then it
could be past its usefulness... But even then, many are very stable and can
last years.

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