[Histonet] Bone marrow blocks

Diana McCaig dmccaig <@t> ckha.on.ca
Wed Jun 26 14:01:41 CDT 2013

I sent out a request for information a while back and am going to ask again from a different approach.
I am finding problems with embedding blocks of bone marrow particles with or without blood clot.
Does anyone have a special technique they would like to share to concentrate the particles centrally in the block.
Our current technique has the particles put in a block and then they are tamped down causing them to disperse throughout the block.
Sometimes this results in the particles being located around the perimeter of the block with very little centrally positioned yielding extensive time to scan the entire slide because they are so spaced out.

Do you let the sample clot or do you use anti-coagulant?  Are the particles separated or are they mixed in with the blood?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated


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