[Histonet] Mixing Paraffin Brands

Lucie Guernsey lguernsey <@t> ucsd.edu
Wed Jun 19 13:01:10 CDT 2013


Does anyone know if there's a reason why one shouldn't mix different brands
of paraffin? We normally use Fisherbrand's Paraplast Plus (melting point 56
C). We inherited about 8 bags of McCormick Paraplast X-tra (melting point
52 C). Will the different melting points be a problem?

If we were to use the McCormick paraffin, the only place it may mix with
the Fisherbrand paraffin is in the blocks themselves (as we refill the
embedder). But I don't want to compromise the quality of our blocks just to
not waste the free paraffin.

Or, another option could be that we use the McCormick in the processor and
the Fisherbrand in the embedder. Could that cause issues in the blocks as
the tissue would be infiltrated with one brand and embedded in another?

Maybe I'm over-thinking this......

Many thanks!

Lucie Guernsey
Dept. of Pathology
lguernsey <@t> ucsd.edu

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