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Looking at your protocol for processing the kidney and heart tissue I can't figure out why it is mushy especially if you are putting it in the cassettes so thin and it has had a chance to fix well before processing. In fact, looking at your protocol I might think that your tissue might be dried out and need to sit in cold icy water before sectioning.

At any rate, I would rinse well in running water after fixing and skip the formalin on the processor.

I'd start in 70% alcohol, maybe two changes and move on up to 80%, 2- 95%'s and 3-100%'s.
I'm not familiar with the clearing agent that you use. I use Clear Rite 3 and never have a problem - 2 changes of Clear Rite 3 and 4 paraffins.

I don't know how many cassettes you are processing but make sure there is adequate room for the reagents on the processor to move around the cassettes and that you have a good ratio of the reagents to the tissue and that the reagents are fresh. If you can increase the agitation in some of the dehydration steps it might help.

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