[Histonet] Histochoice MB vs other fixatives

Yun Yung yyung <@t> scripps.edu
Mon Jul 29 18:00:27 CDT 2013

Dear Histoland,

Does anyone have experience using Histochoice for IHC, in particular for mouse brain tissue?  Cryoprotected vs paraffinized material?  I am currently looking at both structural proteins (e.g., tubulin) as well as transcription factors (e.g., b-catenin and Pax6).  I normally use 4% PFA (cryoprotected, frozen, OCT embedded) FAA (formalin-ethanol-acetic acid) (paraffin embedded).  These two fixes work decently, but now I'm starting to do IHC for G protein-coupled receptors and some have suggested using PLP as an alternative.

There was a small discussion in 2009 on this list; hopefully more people have experience with it now.


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