[Histonet] Processing Drosophila brains into paraffin

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Fri Jul 5 10:17:15 CDT 2013

I was given a protocol for processing Drosophila brains into paraffin
manually, and it involves methyl benzoate.  It is as follows:

Fixation: 3.5-4 hours in Carnoy's fixative, in hood (room temperature)

Processing: 2x30 min 99% ethanol (Would 95% be okay?)

60 min in absolute ethanol

Overnight in methyl benzoat (that's how it's written in the protocol), can
be up to 3 days (*Here is my question-I looked on Sigma's website for
this, and found a bunch of similar chemicals, but no straight methyl
benzoat.  What do I order?)

1 hour methylbenzoat-paraffin 1:1 mix at 60 degrees C

6x20 min 60 degrees C paraffin (we use Paraplast X-tra)

Thanks so much!


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