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Right off the bat I can see 2 things that could speed things up for you.  We have Ultras and only dry our slides for 10 minutes at 60 d C.  If tissues don't stay on well, try some "Stay On" in your water bath; we're experimenting with that now.  Also, we spend way too much time ourselves searching for blocks.   See if there is a way to have them organized immediately after sectioning the H&Es so they are quicker to find...we are struggling with this.

My 2 cents; good luck.

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    I am looking for some help in getting IHC slides out in an 8 hour period of time.  Here is some information.

*         We have a busy Immunohistochemistry lab  and the volume of requests keep increasing.  We offer approximately 150 different  IHC stains ( including ISH and Dual ISH for Her 2).  Generally, there are request for  >150- 200  IHC tests twice a day, not including negative and positive (same slide) controls.

*         The techs pull an AM log at 6am and another at 1pm.  The 1pm log will be handled while waiting for the IHC's to be completed from the 6am run  and these will always be run overnight.

*         The 6am log requires that one tech start cutting each block for multiple IHC stains.  (A search for blocks and the necessary control slide occurs by the same person).   The slides are kept in a 60 degree oven for about 60 minutes.  Most of these slides will be ready by 2-3:30pm.
   Here is my question.  If we allowed requests for IHC stains to wait until  9AM  how could we still get slides out by 3:30pm-4pm? In other words we would not have access to an LIS log until 9am so that the pathologists could order from the morning biopsies.  What is the best way to do this  with 3 Ventana Ultra's  and one Benchmark XT.     The blocks ( usually 40-50) need to be cut; sit in an oven and then get labeled and placed on the Ventana's.   All longer stains such as ISH would be run overnight.
                                   The following  tasks makes the 3:30- 4pm deadline difficult:

*         Searching for the blocks

*         Cutting the blocks (40-50) onto control slides + negative control

*         One hour in the oven to dry  (Can we use 30minutes?)

*         Attaching labels to 150 slides and setting up instruments

*         One microtome

*         2 techs/ some of the time
     Can you share your workflow with me if you do a similar volume of slides within an 8 hours period.  How would you staff the two IHC techs to gain the most efficiency.  As you know the fuller the instrument the longer the staining process.

   Thank you,
  Pat Karlisch, Supervisor
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