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Dear Pat,
here some inputs. If usefull, you have to decide for yourself.

Ad controls: We use for most of our antibodies an "universal-control". This
is put together with tiny pieces of normal tonsil, appendix, skin, liver and
pancreas. If you are interested, look at the website of NordiQC.
Some labs prefer to cut the controls in advance. This can also save time,
but the controls shouldn't get older than a week.
Ad speed: we cut the urgent cases in advance besides the HE with 6 slides
per block. These are needle biopsies from breast, liver, kidney, .... etc.;
the pathologists only have to order a panel.
Ad drying: we often skip the drying in the oven at all. But it is important
to get rid of the water under the sections. (Besides: drying at high temp
for longer period can alter stainability.)
Ad LIS: we also have no LIS, but a light-version of it. We use a
WORD-document as form. The pathologists can mark the wished antibodies and
print the sheet directly onto our printer in the lab.
Ad organisation: isn't it possible with 4 instruments to keep the same
antibodies on each instrument? For example: one machine is the
breast-machine, one for lymphomas, etc. If this is possible, you can add a
"machine-code" on the labels and only look at this code while filling the

We work only with one Ultra. First technician comes at 6.30 and starts the
first run until 7.00-7.30. Second run is started at 10.30-11.00 and the run
over night is started around 15.00. The most slides have to been cut at
afternoon. And if there are more than 30, they go into the morning run.
This gives for the urgent biopsies an IHC-TAT about 5-6 hours (from HE
delivering to IHC delivering). Most other cases are ready over night (HE
delivering till 12.30 and IHC-ordering-deadline at 14.30).

Hope this helps
Gudrun Lang

Ltd. BMA
Histolabor Akh Linz, Austria

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    I am looking for some help in getting IHC slides out in an 8 hour period
of time.  Here is some information.

*         We have a busy Immunohistochemistry lab  and the volume of
requests keep increasing.  We offer approximately 150 different  IHC stains
( including ISH and Dual ISH for Her 2).  Generally, there are request for
>150- 200  IHC tests twice a day, not including negative and positive (same
slide) controls.

*         The techs pull an AM log at 6am and another at 1pm.  The 1pm log
will be handled while waiting for the IHC's to be completed from the 6am run
and these will always be run overnight.

*         The 6am log requires that one tech start cutting each block for
multiple IHC stains.  (A search for blocks and the necessary control slide
occurs by the same person).   The slides are kept in a 60 degree oven for
about 60 minutes.  Most of these slides will be ready by 2-3:30pm.
   Here is my question.  If we allowed requests for IHC stains to wait until
9AM  how could we still get slides out by 3:30pm-4pm? In other words we
would not have access to an LIS log until 9am so that the pathologists could
order from the morning biopsies.  What is the best way to do this  with 3
Ventana Ultra's  and one Benchmark XT.     The blocks ( usually 40-50) need
to be cut; sit in an oven and then get labeled and placed on the Ventana's.
All longer stains such as ISH would be run overnight.
                                   The following  tasks makes the 3:30- 4pm
deadline difficult:

*         Searching for the blocks

*         Cutting the blocks (40-50) onto control slides + negative control

*         One hour in the oven to dry  (Can we use 30minutes?)

*         Attaching labels to 150 slides and setting up instruments

*         One microtome

*         2 techs/ some of the time
     Can you share your workflow with me if you do a similar volume of
slides within an 8 hours period.  How would you staff the two IHC techs to
gain the most efficiency.  As you know the fuller the instrument the longer
the staining process.

   Thank you,
  Pat Karlisch, Supervisor
pkarlisch <@t><mailto:pkarlisch <@t>>
Tel   717-531-6072
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