[Histonet] Question about slide drying/ convection ovens

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I just cannot understand the concept of "gravity" convection oven because if you say "gravity" by definition that will mean that the heat will work by gravity and any heated air goes, also by definition, against gravity because any heat air will go UP and not down, hence the "hot air balloons".
Probably the title is just a "catchy" but wrongly selected sales mimic, something "new and different".
Other than that, and going to your question, no I have never used such an oven.
Ovens are of the convection type and in all of them the heating elements are at the bottom and the heated air goes UP.
René J.

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Hi everyone,
                  Just have a quick question for all of you out there in histo-land. Have you ever bought or worked with a gravity convection oven (the thermo shandon 20GC), for drying of slides?? If so..how was it? Did it properly dry all of your slides, did it keep temp?? I am thinking about buying one, and wanted some opinions. Or do you all prefer a real forced air slide drying oven?
Thanks in advance,
      Natalie Nagy (HT)ASCP
Histology Supervisor
Holyoke Medical Center
Holyoke, MA.

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