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Fri Jan 25 13:04:05 CST 2013

All I have to go by is CAP's response to the question, "Is IHC a High Complexity Test".  Their verbal answer is no, but there is nothing formally documented.  The only documented statement is from 2010 Webinar during the Question and Answer portion.  It is as follows,
Laboratory Accreditation Program
CAP Personnel Qualifications and Personnel Requirements Webinar
March 17, 2010
Q & A

(Skipping to question 20)
20. What are the CLIA/CAP requirements for histology staff? Is histology considered high complexity? Is just an HT acceptable or do they need to have an associates to perform routine histology, IHC, IF, ISH, etc.?
Histology processing such as staining or cutting is not covered under CLIA. However, any type of grossing is considered high complexity testing. This even includes very small specimens. There will be a modified checklist requirement that further clarifies this in the June 2010 Checklist edition.
Sorry thats all I got.

Timothy N. Higgins, HT (ASCP), QIHC


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