[Histonet] Immunohistochemistry

Allyse Mazzarelli allyse124 <@t> gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 13:52:10 CST 2013

To everyone in histoland that is familiar with IHC,

I am a new histologist, unfamiliar with many techniques in IHC. Here in my
lab, we section devices that contain cells, membrane and scaffolding.
Unfortunately, due to the scaffolding, the devices do not hold up well when
embedded in paraffin. Likewise, the other plastics I am able to cut nice
sections with do not take well to immuno staining. Does anyone have any
suggestions for a specific type of plastic resin that works well with IHC?
(I could try something other than plastic too). For the time being, I use
Dorn & Hart acrylosin soft... but the results are medicore. We will be
doing a lot more immunohistochemistry in the near future, and I'm looking
to experiment with different resins to find one that works well. Any help
is appreciated!

Thanks for your time!

Allyse Mazzarelli
Histologist, Neurotech USA Inc.

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