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Thu Sep 27 14:49:12 CDT 2012

We have been using CoPath plus for about a year now and are still discovering things we can do with it.   One of the issues that has come up is how are other institutions with CoPath satisfying the following CAP checklist question:

Question ASNP.11850  Intra-Operative Reports
                The results of intra-operative surgical consultations are documented and signed by the pathologist who made the diagnosis.
                                Evidence of Compliance:  Note:  The intent of this requirement is for the laboratory to maintain a contemporaneous report of the consultation.
                                                                                                  This may be a handwritten, signed report or a computer-generated report with electronic signature.

Often our intra-operative pathologist is not the same pathologist that signs out the final.   We have fields in which we can enter the intra-operative pathologist and other fields where we can enter an intra-operative diagnosis.   I am trying to figure out how we get this signed electronically.   Currently only the pathologist signing out the case does his or her electronic signature.   Does anyone know if we can also have the intra-operative pathologist sign out the intra-operative diagnosis or report?  I think we  would have to have separate intra-operative report generated or something.  Currently the frozen section diagnosis just goes into the body of the final report and there is no separate intra-operative report.

In the past we had the pathologist write on a copy of the req. the diagnosis and initial the copy of the req.   I really don't think the diagnosis written on the bottom of the req. is the best way to handle this.

Any suggestions?

James Vickroy BS, HT(ASCP)

Surgical  and Autopsy Pathology Technical Supervisor
Memorial Medical Center

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