[Histonet] Is specimen too cold for cryosectioning?

arjun ruhella ruhella.arjun <@t> gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 13:39:37 CDT 2012

Dear all, 

I have heard a little trick in cryosectioning where, if the specimen is too cold, one put thumb on the specimen and then cut immediately. I have a question related to this. 

Q1 = My cryostat temperature cannot be increased above -20C (a problem needs to be fixed). I usually tend to cut my specimen at ~-18C. As i was bound to cut the specimen at -20C, i was experiencing chattering or splintering in the sections. I though this was because the specimen was very cold. When i rub my thumb on the specimen for a while, i was able to get 2-4 decent sections, but the chattering started again. Is this a CONCRETE evidence that the chattering is due to specimen being cold? 

Q2 = Does sectioning difficulty can happen with as small difference as -2C (-18C vs -20C)? I heard ppl saying that -2C will not make any difference in sectioning. 

Hope to hear from someone soon! 

Sincere thank you! 

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