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A WEB site just for historical interest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Explosion 

We continue to use picric acid in the lab, but only as an aqueous or saturated solution.

The chemical safety guys came out and carefully removed the bottle of "moistened" picric acid that we had on the shelf for several years - they were very excited as it was no longer "moist" - Montana is very dry.


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Yes, but why take the chance. There are also other chemicals in the lab the picric acid can interact with to make it even more volitile than it was to begin with. Dynamite other explosives have the same problem. The older it gets the more degraded and unstable it becomes. One never knows if or when. I'd like to avoid traumatically amputating my arms if possible, thank you.


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I am with Wayne on this one. While I have not tried to make it explode it does seem to me that the dangers are hyped beyond reason.
Years ago an old bottle of picric acid would be discovered in a high school chemistry lab. Horrors! Call the bomb squad! So it was taken out to a large field, packed with explosives and BOOM! Of course it exploded, it was surrounded with explosives.


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> What danger of Picric Acid are you concerned with?

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