[Histonet] Acid-cleaning of slides for metals stains

Esther C Peters epeters2 <@t> gmu.edu
Sun Sep 16 14:20:32 CDT 2012

We are going to do special stains for iron (Perl's Prussian Blue for ferric iron, Mallory's Method from WebPath: Internet Pathology Laboratory) and copper (Rhodanine from Carson and Hladik) in mouse livers. We have on hand unopened boxes of plus-charged microscope slides. Do we need to acid clean these slides before we put sections on them for these stains (understanding that the charge will no longer exist, but the cleaning is more important for these stains)?

I would also appreciate any insights about the best acid-cleaning procedure for all glassware for these stains. I have used nitric acid in the past, swirling it around the staining dishes and covering glass racks in a staining dish (how long should this be for?), then rinsing with double-deionized water (or would you recommend distilled only?). Thank you! 

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