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Hello Dorothy,

Here we require HT or HTL certification for IHC positions.  I look for individuals that want to learn and have a desire to do IHC.  I prefer folks with experience, but since experienced techs are hard to pry away from other employers, I am willing to train the right people.  I encourage all of my techs to study and take the QIHC so that each IHC tech is knowledgeable and credible in their profession and be able to speak intelligently to our faculty and residents regarding any aspect of our operation.  As for titles, we don't really have a "lead" here (for IHC specifically), but we have created a "Technical Specialist" that is part of the career ladder pathway that all of our clinical labs are creating for techs (Med Techs and Histotechs).

To qualify for that position you must demonstrate considerable technical skill as well as the ability to train/mentor others. It also requires that you can make sound decisions regarding workflow issues (basically be the "go-to" person for problems and questions should the supervisor not be available.) Since our histology and IHC labs are not physically separated, IHC techs must also occasionally do routine work (cut H&Es, perhaps a special stain now and then).  So they must also be technically sound in all areas of histology, not just IHC.

I hope that helps.

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What criteria does everyone use to hire for working in your IHC department?? I am looking for feedback as to what qualifications are expected for IHC techs as well as qualifications and expectations of the "lead" in IHC.? Also, what title do you have for the "lead" in IHC, technical specialist, coordinator, lead, etc???

Thanks ahead of time for your information!? We are trying to reinvent the position and want to make it more like a community standard (community meaning the world of histology)!!

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